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Current ProtoMUCK releases
Get them: Stable Beta
Source 1.85 2.0b5.21
Windows Binary 1.85 2.00b4
Windows Binary/SSL None 2.00b4
MUF WebServer 1.22  
Base DB 1.03  
Current news:

Proto2.0b6.09 available by Hinoserm (10/21/03 03:22 AM)
ProtoMUCK 2b6.09 is now available via our SourceForge CVS server, with packages for it coming soon.

This new version, among other things, implements some new, more effecient property handling routines that not only speed up the code and make it easier to maintain, but also allow the storage of 8-bit (high-ASCII) data into properties.
Also in this version, is a new socket event, "SOCKET.CONNECT.*", which removes the need for programmers to use an endless SOCKCHECK loop in order to check if a socket has connected. This new event will be documented soon.
Other changes have also been made, many of which enhance the stability and effeciency of the ProtoMUCK core.

-Hinoserm (hinoserm@protomuck.org)

Proto2.0b5.21 released by Alynna (10/12/03 02:21 AM)
Now with more bugfixes, and UserFlag support. 2.00b5.x series is probably more stable then our 1.85 series now. Its likely you want to compile 2.0x instead. I will make new WinBins soon for this.

New News System by Hinoserm (09/19/03 10:54 PM)
I've migrated the webnews system from a seperate page onto the main page. Let me know how this works out.

-Hinoserm (hinoserm@protomuck.org)

Proto2 Beta 5.11 released by Alynna (09/19/03 04:04 PM)
This release should be nice and stable (for a beta), and its bugfixes will soon be migrated back to a nice shiny new 1.86. Enjoy.

New release coming by Alynna (09/19/03 01:04 PM)
We are currently working on another release, v1.86 and v2.00b5.1. There are no new features in these versions, but instead feature a new technology called object debugging that has allowed us to see what kind of accesses were being made to invalid objects, and remove them. By doing this we hope to have eliminated every instance of invalid object accesses that could lead to crashes, database or memory corruptions, or MUCK hangs.

In theory this should lead to a rock-hard stable ProtoMUCK release which ends up more reliable than any version of any MUCK software that came before it. It should in actuality be next to impossible to crash.

Watch for it in the next few days.

HTML Validity by Hinoserm (09/12/03 02:12 PM)
Been working on getting most of the pages to be valid HTML 4.01 Transitional, and have succeeded on the main page and a couple of others. There's now a link on the bottom of most pages that'll let you go to the HTML Validator at w3.org. If you find any pages that aren't valid HTML 4.01 Transitional, let me know, and I'll do my best to fix them.

-Hinoserm (hinoserm@protomuck.org)

ProtoMUCK webserver operational by Alynna (09/11/03 11:44 PM)
This server should now be up and running fully.
I dont think there's anything else to add, except for finishing the context sensitive help. Enjoy.

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Message From Akari
The goal behind ProtoMUCK has always been to provide a more powerful, more flexible MUCK platform for the benefit of site administration and players alike. Over the course of the project, we have sought to provide users with better options, more friendly features, and clearer documentation as we sought to remove limitations that had always been in the way of creative efforts on earlier MUCK systems. We hope many have found these enhancements to be worthwhile, and will continue to try and provide people with more features as the time goes by.

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